Saturday, July 5, 2014

Inner Demons - the voices telling you No - Quit - Stop - DO NOT LISTEN

I've been up and at em' since just
after 5 AM this morning.

I love getting up early and
getting work done before
there is a sound in the house.

The mornings are my most productive times,
and countless successful people say the
same thing, "wake up early."

There is an inner voice in your head which
will tell you to sleep in, to do the work
later, to do it next time, etc.

Those inner demons are always trying to
hold you back.

You must fight back, and fight to never allow
those voices to beat you.

I teach this to the athletes I train as well.

When they get tired, I see some of them slow
down because they are listening to their
inner demons telling them to slow

The truth is that your slight bit of physical
and emotional discomfort will all be
over in a few short minutes, so rather
than cower to the inner demon, fight
back and punch it in the face.

I realized that yesterday, I didn't link you
directly to my latest blog.

You will find the power
behind this lesson, so
check it out on the blog
right here:

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