Sunday, June 22, 2014

Be A Role Model

You don't have to be superhuman strong, insanely fast or have the motor of a genetic freak to be a good role model.

You don't need to have a bunch of acronyms in your pocket; PU, MU, DU, HSPU, T2B, C2B....those don't make you a role model either.

Your integrity makes you a role model.

Your willingness to listen to your coach, to their technique pointers, to apply their corrections - even if you are a world class lifter, or its your first time seeing a barbell - that willingness makes you a role model.

Cleaning up after your WOD, disinfecting your bar, cheering others on - THAT makes you a role model.

Killing yourself in the warmup to beat everyone else, but then half assing the WOD? Nope, not role model, try schmuck.

Recording a few extra rounds or reps or shaving 30s off your real time? Wrong again, that makes you a cheat.

Proudly rocking the band so you can hit the workout with more intensity? Encouraging your classmates to push themselves a bit harder?

DEFINITE role model material right there.

Wherever you are - firebreather, recent ex-couch potato or somewhere in between - be a role model today.


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