Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Monday 9, July 2014

HIIT at the field

The 5 a.m. group tackled a fun HIIT workout you can do in our own time today or even later this week if you are missing a day of conditioning.

The width of the football field - so side to side

Starting at the goal line

20 toe touches - on your back feet in the air raise your torso to touch your feet
Sprint the width of the filed
20 air squats
Sprint the width of the field, but now you are on the 5 yard line

And continue this rotation until you reach the 50 yard line

Once done,


Sprint the straight away, jog the turns


20 stair jump squats
10 stair decline push ups
20 alternating jump lunges
10 dips
20 stair mountain climbers

At the end of each full 400m

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