Sunday, June 15, 2014

Tip of the Week

Tip #1:  

The number on the scale will go down easier when it goes up too. Let me explain why: The whole idea of eating is to fuel your performance and use the times when you’re less active to burn fat. Ever notice how the scale always seems to stall at the same place?

When you eat to fuel activity, the scale SHOULD go up and down; this is a good sign and is often a signal to your body that it doesn’t have to “make due”. When you provide an adequate amount of glucose from starches, your weight will sometimes go up as your depleted glycogen levels rise. This will fuel amazing workouts and lead to better progress. It also sends a signal to your body to up-regulate your metabolism over time and that is favorable for fat loss.

For many people, under eating leads to fat retention because the body is overly reliant on fats for fuel. Eating in a balanced way “with a purpose” sends the opposite signal and your body is not only willing to release stored body fat but it will also send a signal that will aide in building and retaining lean mass. So the tiny spikes up on the scale actually set up a better scenario to break through plateaus.

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